Friday, February 06, 2004

Oh, before I forget, here's some BIO info on Janet:

Birth Name: Janet Damita Jo Jackson
Birthdate: May 16, 1966
Birthplace: Gary, Indiana
Occupation: Singer, actor, dancer
Quote: "I'm ready to take whatever comes my way."
Claim to Fame: Becoming as popular and successful as her famous brother Michael

Significant Other(s):
Husband: Rene Elizondo; married 1991, divorced 2000
Husband: James Debarge; married Sept. 7, 1984, divorced October 1985
Others: Justin Timberlake, Jermaine Dupri

Father: Joseph Jackson, steel-mill worker
Mother: Katherine Scruse Jackson, store employee
Sister: Maureen "Rebbie"
Brother: Jackie
Brother: Tito
Brother: Jermaine
Sister: LaToya
Brother: Marlon
Brother: Michael
Brother: Randy

1993: MTV Movie Award: Best Female Performance, Poetic Justice
1993: MTV Movie Award: Most Desirable Female, Poetic Justice
1995: MTV Video Music Award: Dance Video, "Scream"; award shared with brother Michael
1996: Grammy: Music Video, Short Form, "Scream"; award shared with brother Michael
1998: Grammy: Music Video, Short Form, "Got Till It's Gone"; award shared with director Mark Romanek

...and for those of you that want to take a walk on the NAUGHTY side, here's a link to a NUDE CELEB site that claims to have the pics and stuff and more info on her. BE WARNED though, it's not a tame site and you should not visit it if you are under 18!!!

I've registered this blog with all the filtering companies (netnanny, cybersitter, safesurf, etc) so you parents can keep your kids away from even sites like mine that only have links on it. I do NOT endorse this stuff, but believe that some of you that are looking for it might as well be able to exercise your freedoms in America and go get your naughty viewing on.

It's more appropriate to keep it online and 'searched' for than stuffed in your face during primetime, I am a believer of that.

Whew, so yall heard about the SuperBowl Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake boob & tit flash fiasco right?

Ok, well not to beat on a dead horse but here's a few links to what you might have missed. Can you believe it's almost a WEEK later and we're still all in a bunch about this stuff?

Don't we have terrorists to fight, criminals to catch, etc? I'm sure SURE, it was NOT appropriate...but can anyone PROOVE that it was deliberate? I'm guessing it was, and maybe she should pay a fine, but all the press it's getting is getting a LITTLE rediculous in my opinion.

Well anyways, read for yourself here's a few links:


and a full list of links here:


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